July 18 2007

Conveniently start two instances of Luxriot® VMS Client on dual monitor systems

Luxriot® VMS Client application saves and restores it’s position on the screen to make its use convenient when however single instance of the application is used. On dual monitor systems it is sometimes convenient to have two instances to run independently, for example, one instance is persistently running on secondary monitor and the other is started on demand on primary monitor.

February 16 2007

Low frame rate of Arecont Vision network cameras

Under certain circumstances Arecont Vision network cameras may produce low frame rate (FPS).

March 28 2006

Improve performance when receiving large images (typically 2 megapixels and larger) from network cameras

Large images from network cameras may be downsampled (reduced in size) before showing on the screen to improve system performance with no or minor impact on image quality.
March 17 2006

How to submit a problem report from machine not connected to Internet

When Luxriot® VMS is running on machine which is not connected to internet, it is still possible to compose the report so that it can be copied to machine with Internet connection and submitted manually.
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