May 16 2016

Luxriot® VMS 2.5.7 is released

This is maintenance version. Change log:

New features:
  • Export configuration from Luxriot VMS to Luxriot EVO S
  • Support for Hikvison IP Cameras firmware 5.3 and newer versions
Support for new cameras added:
  • SONY SNC-VB632D, SNC-VM772R models
  • Dahua DH-SD6C230T-HN, IPC-HDBW1320E, IPC-HDBW2320R-ZS models
  • Canon VB-M50B, VB-R13, VB-R13VE, VB-R12VE, VB-H651V, VB-H651VE, VB-H652LVE, VB-H751LE, VB-H761LVE, VB-H760VE models
  • TRENDnet TV-IP314PI, TV-IP315PI, TV-IP324PI, TV-IP325PI, TV-IP420P, TV-NVR208, TV-NVR2208, TV-NVR2216, TV-NVR2432 models
  • Vivotek FD8136-F2, FD8137HV, FD8152V-F2, FD8154-F2, FD8154V-F2, FD8155H, FD8164-F2, FD8164V-F2, FD8165H, FD8166A, FD8166A-N, FD8167A, FD8167-T, FD8169, FD8169A, FD816B-F2, FD816B-T, FD816C-HSF2, FD816D, FD8171, FD8173-H, FD8182-T, FD8338-H, FD8355EHV, FD8355HV, FD8365EHV, FD8365HV, FD8367A-V, FD8367-TV, FD8367-V, FD8369A-V, FD836B-EHTV, FD836B-EHVF2, FD836B-EVF2, FD836B-HTV, FD836B-HVF2, FD836B-VF2, FD8371V, FD8373-EHV, FD8373-HV, FD8381-EV, FD8381-V, FD8382-EVF2, FD8382-TV, FD8382-VF2, FD9171-HT, FD9181-HT, FD9371-EHTV, FD9371-HTV, FD9381-EHTV, FD9381-HTV, FE8174V, FE8181, FE8181V, FE8391-V, FE9181-H, FE9381-EHV, IB8168, IB8338-H, IB8338-HR, IB8354-C, IB8367, IB8367A, IB8367-R, IB8367-RT, IB8367-T, IB8369, IB8369A, IB836B-EHF3, IB836B-EHT, IB836B-HRF3, IB836B-HRT, IB836B-RT, IB8373-EH, IB8381-E, IB8382-EF3, IB8382-ET, IB8382-F3, IB8382-RF3, IB8382-RT, IB9371-EHT, IB9371-HRT, IB9371-HT, IB9381-EHT, IB9381-HRT, IB9381-HT, IP8130, IP8130W, IP8131, IP8131W, IP8152, IP8152-F4, IP8166, IP8166A, IP8166A-P, IP816A-HP, IP816A-LPC(Parking), IP816A-LPC(Street), IP816D-P, IP8173H, IP8337H-C, IP8355H, IP8365EH, IP8365H, IP8371, IP8371E, IP9171-HT, IP9181-H, IP9181-HP, IZ9361-EH, IZ9371-EH, MD8531H, MD8563-EH, MD8563-EHF2, MD8564-EH, MS8391-EV, SC8131, SD8365-EH, SD8366-EH, SD9361-EHL, SD9362-EH, SD9362-EHL, SD9363-E, SD9364-EHL, SD9366-EHL, TC9330-EV, VC8101, VC8101_CU8161-H, VC8101_CU8163-H models
  • Pinetron PNC-DX1080P, PNC-IX1081P, PNC-IX1082P, PNC-IX1083P models
  • CP PLUS CP-UNC-TP10FL3C-V2, CP-UNP-2013S models
  • CBC Ganz ZN8-P4NTAF60L model
  • HikVision DS-2DE4220IW-D model
  • A+ Systems APVS-5155M2.1 model
  • ONVIF driver functionality improvements
  • Edge and open VCA rule lists are incorrectly appended
  • Unable to playback backup archive from CD/DVD disc via standalone player due to absence of codec

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