Luxriot® API/SDK (Client Kit)

Luxriot® offers customizable integration with other software systems in form of software development kit (SDK), Luxriot® VMS Client Kit.

Luxriot® VMS Client Kit is the collection of ActiveX software components which allow integration of Luxriot® VMS client side functionality into other software products and integration between Luxriot® VMS and third party software systems. Integrating technologies is the solution to allow systems operate more efficiently and with improved application functionality previously not possible.

With Luxriot® VMS Client Kit you can implement client side tasks of Luxriot® VMS client/server functionality including:

  • access live video from one or multiple local or remote Luxriot® VMS servers
  • access archived video from Luxriot® VMS servers
  • configure camera and recording settings
  • receive motion detection notifications
  • create and delete media devices
  • adjust software motion detector properties
  • receive motion region information for media device
  • export archive video (with optional subtitles if exported with recompression)
  • pan/tilt/zoom/focus (PTZF) control motorized and otherwise PTZF-enabled cameras

Luxriot® VMS Client Kit is based on Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technology and can be used with various development environments, including: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (VB.NET, C#, C++) and earlier versions (VB), Borland/Inprise Delphi, scripting languages.

Luxriot® VMS Client Kit already included in Luxriot® software installation. Download Luxriot® VMS Client Kit manual.

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