Luxriot® Broadcast Server

2.3.0 version note: Administrator actions are required for broadcast server permissions after Luxriot® VMS Servers upgrade to 2.3.0. Users must be granted "Connect Broadcast permission" to get access for live view and archive via broadcast server. Otherwise users will be unable to authorize on the Broadcast server page.

Luxriot® Broadcast Server is an integral part of Luxriot® VMS suite. Its sole purpose is to deliver live and/or recorded video streams in a platform independent format without exposing VMS server(s) and camera(s) to the desktop and mobile devices including IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, iOS, Android, etc. Luxriot® Broadcast resamples and recompreses original video streams for the best performance, quality and bandwidth utilization.

Luxriot® Broadcast Server Features:

  • Access to video from web and mobile clients
  • Access to server archives from web and mobile clients
  • Control of PTZ devices from web and mobile clients
  • Separate interface for Desktop and mobile devices
  • Mobile devices interface allowing friendly touch screen environment
  • Share your Broadcast video over the internet via HTML or Direct Link
  • Compatible with Social Media Gadgets (Google, Facebook, etc)
  • Resample and recompress video depending on connection speedand viewing capabilities
  • Intuitive and user friendly design
  • Extensive user permissions control


<small>1/4</small><br />Broadcast Server white theme<small>2/4</small><br />Broadcast Server dark theme<small>3/4</small><br />Broadcast Server PTZ<small>4/4</small><br />Broadcast Server archive
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