Calculators (updated 19 February 2014)

Luxriot hardware estimator

Type of required recommendations

Project specification

Number of video streams
Video streams specification (Recording and Live view)
Recording settings
Sub-streams specification (Live view and Motion Detection)¹
Compression Resolution FPS Bitrate Motion Detection source Motion events (%) FPS when no motion Days to store Availability² Resolution FPS

1. Sub-stream allows to reduced load on Server for Software Motion detection analyze and Clients' computers to display multiple stream on live view screen(-s).
2. Please refer supported camera list column "sub-stream". Sub-stream must be activated on the camera via web browser. Please verify camera's performance to make sure sub-stream can be handled by the camera along with the others features enabled on the camera.
3. Bit rate estimation is an average value based on the calculation for specified resolution and frame rate. Real video stream bit rate may be bigger or smaller. We recommend to measure video stream for real camera for more accurate storage calculation.
4. High Performance motion detection is recommended for systems when Camera Side Motion Detection support isn't available. Software analyze I-frames only in case MPEG4/H.264 streams. Estimation made for one I-frame per second and lower.
5. High Accuracy motion detection analyze whole video stream and provide higher accuracy for fast moving objects
6. Sub-stream is recommended for Motion Detection in case no very small objects need to be detected. Recommended sub-stream resolution is VGA or D1, lower resolution is acceptable if a project specification comply.
7. It is essential that you correctly estimate the entire load planned for the system, taking into account all components involved. Some of Luxriot VMS features are not covered by the tools presented here. In case you wish to use video analytics (VCA) module or Broadcast Server for Web/Mobile clients, please contact Luxriot technical engineers in order to receive a precise calculation.

Select Servers and Clients CPUs

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Storage Calculator (M-JPEG-only)

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Average image size:
Frame rate:
fps per camera
Days to store:

Bandwidth Calculator

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Average image size:
Frame rate:
fps per camera

Lens Calculator

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